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Welcome to the Department of Chemical Engineering

The Department of Chemical Engineering provides internationally recognized leadership in education and research
at the interface of science and engineering, anticipates the needs of our students and society as a whole, and
contributes to responsible solutions for future generations.

Welcome Letter from James McLellan, Professor and Head

Chemical Engineering is the engineering discipline that pulls together ideas from chemistry, physics, biology, and mathematics to achieve useful ends. Chemical engineers contribute to many aspects of society, ranging from providing energy from conventional oil and gas or alternative sources such as fuel cells, to developing and producing polymers with tailored characteristics, to developing encapsulation systems for drug delivery, to nano-scale molecular assembly for developing biosensors. Chemical engineers see the world as the interplay of chemical reactions, fluid flow, heat transfer, diffusion, and phase change. Biological systems represent complex combinations of these phenomena - chemical species diffuse through membranes, and cellular messaging occurs through networks of reactions.

Chemical Engineers consider physical systems at both the microscopic and macroscopic levels, and are very proficient at understanding the flows in and out of a physical system, and the changes going on within. Engineering Chemists understand these phenomena as well, but bring additional focus on applied chemistry, while their Chemical Engineering counterparts spend additional time learning techniques to improve the operation of chemical processes. The Chemical Engineering department offers undergraduate programs in both Chemical Engineering and Engineering Chemistry - both programs have been graduating engineers for more than 100 years, making them some of the most well-established programs in Canada and internationally. The graduate program in Chemical Engineering has been in existence for almost 100 years. All programs are taught by a dedicated group of award-winning faculty and staff. The Chemical Engineering department today is home to close to 400 undergraduate students, 85 graduate students and twenty-five faculty and technical staff.

Researchers in the Department of Chemical Engineering at Queen's are investigating how to produce polymers and specialty chemicals using microorganisms, recycle plastic in building materials in developing nations, prepare polymer dosimeters for calibrating treatment in cancer radiotherapy, generate scaffolds for tissue regeneration, manufacture high solids content latexes to reduce solvent use in automotive paints, develop advanced environmental control systems for buildings to help reduce energy consumption, and to produce inexpensive electrodes for fuel cell applications. The Chemical Engineering department has strong links with industry, government, public service agencies and professional societies in our research and in our academic programs. The Technology Engineering and Management (TEAM) program provides undergraduates with opportunities to work with client companies and organizations in a diverse array of topics, sectors and locations.

Graduates from our programs can be found in a broad range of sectors - as Co-President of a major international investment bank, President of a major natural gas producer, production engineer for hand-held medical blood gas analyzers, senior policy analyst for a provincial government, General Manager of Sustainable Development for a major international oil company, production engineer for the paint line of a major international automobile manufacturer, researcher in petroleum recovery, vice-president of a medical devices manufacturing company, or a research and clinical haematologist.

We invite prospective undergraduate and graduate students and faculty to become part of the Queen's community and build our futures together. To alumni and friends, we hope this web site will capture your imagination and kindle fond memories.

P. James McLellan

James McLellan
Professor and Head
Department of Chemical Engineering