Lecture Notes

Lecture Series Notes and Handouts

Notes added after each lecture

Week 1 - Introduction

Week 2 - Project Management Overview

Week 3 - Design Alliance (Alexandra Shaw)

Week 4 - Project Plan Feedback

Week 5 - Utilizing Library Resources (Michael White) 

            - Expert Schedule Building Tips (Matt Van Nest, WorleyParsons) 

Week 6 - The Design Process (Matthew Hofford, Bombardier)

Week 7 - Project Risk Analysis

Week 12 - Technology Evaluation (David Berg, DuPont)

Project Management Resources

It is recommeded to start with the MS Project Template linked below as it contains presets which are helpful when using this software for TEAM.

Blank MS Project Template - Project New.mpp

Project Scheduling.pdf

Project Example.mpp

Library Research Lecture


General Reference:

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