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Chemical Engineering Graduate Student Association

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The CEGSA Executive team

The Chemical Engineering Graduate Student Association (CEGSA) unifies the chemical engineering graduate student community, organizes social events (Friday Grad Club Gatherings, Welcome Back BBQ, Paint Ball, Games Night, etc.), and ensures a mechanism for graduate students to communicate questions and concerns to their department. CEGSA's goal of building a sense of community and camaraderie amongst fellow graduate students is greatly benefited by being inclusive to a wide range of students, and a diverse array of viewpoints with regards to our department.


Position: President

Peter Gilbert (PhD Candidate)

Email: peter.gilbert@queensu.ca
Office: Dupuis 240


Position: Vice President: PhD

Joe Glasing (PhD Candidate)

Email: joe.glasing@queensu.ca
Office: Dupuis B27


Position: Vice President: Masters

Sharmaine Luk (MASc Candidate)

Email: sharmaine.luk@queensu.ca
Office: Dupuis B27


Position: Treasurer

Mike Bodley (MASc Candidate)

Email: 1mb22@queensu.ca
Office: Dupuis B50


Position: External Affairs Coordinator

Laura McKiel (PhD Candidate)

Email: l.mckiel@queensu.ca
Office: Dupuis B27


Position: Social Coordinator - Events

Elyse Johnston-Haynes (MASc Candidate)

Email: elyse.johnston-haynes@queensu.ca
Office: Dupuis B50


Position: Social Coordinator - Events and Internation Affairs

Erica Anderson (MASc Candidate)

Email: 15emaa@queensu.ca
Office: Dupuis B27

QHBC Headshot

Position: HMRC/Biomedical Engineering Representative

William Chaplin (MASc Candidate)

Email: 0wc5@queensu.ca
Office: Dupuis B27