Chemical Engineering

Seminar Series

Department Seminar Series

  • Thursdays 2:30pm-3:30pm
  • Room 215, Dupuis Hall
  • There will be an Open Discussion in the same room immediately following the seminar
  • Refreshments will be provided.
DateSeminar DetailsPresenter
September 15

Nicolas Hudon
Queen's University
"Physics-based Modelling of Chemical Processes and Implications on Process Control"

Nicolas Hudon
September 29

Robert Knobel, Dan Gale and Graham Gibson
The Kingston Nano Fabrication Lab
"Solving BIG problems on a small scale"

Robert Knobel
October 13

Gerald G. Fuller
Stanford University
"The Fluid Dynamics of Ultra-low Surface Tension Liquids"

Gerald Fuller
October 27

Ronald Neufeld
Queen's University
"Navigating the slippery slope from macro to micro through nano to moleculo, in the encapsulation, retention and delivery of biologicals and bioactives"

Ronald Neufeld
November 10

Graduate Student - Seminar Day November 10, 2016

Student Seminars are presented in two locations. Please review the agendas and abstracts below.

Beamish-Munro Hall Room 109
Click here for Agenda and Abstracts
Beamish-Munro Hall Room 315
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November 24

Shirley Wu
University of Toronto
"Research Innovations in Drug Delivery Technologies for Unmet Medical Needs"

Shirley Wu
DateSeminar DetailsPresenter
January 12

Chris Metcalfe
Trent University - Intstitute for Watershed Science
"The Hazards of Down the Drain Chemicals"

Chris Metcalfe
January 26

Frank Zeman
Royal Military College of Canada
"Cement Plants as the Backbone of a Carbon Negative Infrastructure"

Frank Zeman
February 09

Christopher Moraes
McGill University
"Microscale tissue-on-chip technologies: watching biology function in high-definition"

Chris Moraes
March 02

Dominic Frigon
McGill University
"Dynamics of antimicrobial resistance and virulence genes in E. coli during wastewater treatment"
(Joint SES and Chem Eng Seminar) Located in DUPUIS AUDITORIUM

Dominic Frigon
March 16


March 30

Ankur Singh
Cornell University
"Engineered Organoids for Regulating the Kinetics of B Cell Immunity and Translating Therapeutics Against B Cell Tumors"

Ankr Singh
April 27

Graduate Student Seminar Day

Student Seminars are presented in Dupuis 217. Please click to review the Agenda and Abstracts.

Attendance is mandatory for students registered in CHEE897.

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