Thomas J. Harris, P.Eng.


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Research Interests

  • Process Control
  • Process Monitoring and Controller Performance Assessment
  • Statistical Methods in Chemical Engineering

Professor Harris' activities are directed towards the analysis of process control strategies and the development and use of statistical methodologies in chemical engineering. Current projects include the use of nonparametric and parametric statistical methods for structural and performance analysis, development of performance analysis tools to account for process nonlinearities and the use of generalized profiling and Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) methods to provide meaningful uncertainty analysis of process models that are used for control and analysis purposes.


NSERC Discovery, Novelis, MITACS, OCE



Journal Publications

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Harris, T.J., "Liquid Phase Preparation of (meth)-Acrylate," U.S. Patent 5670702, September, 1997.

Conference Proceedings

Wei-Yu, Wilson, D., Young, B. and Harris, T.J., "Variance Decompositions of Nonlinear Systems," 7th IEEE International Conference on Control & Automation , Christchurch, New Zealand, December, 2009, [More information].  (Accepted)

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Conference Presentations

"An Analysis of Model Selection Criteria (MSC) in the Case of Underfitting," MITACS 2009, Fredericton, NB, June, 2009. [More information].

"Inference in Nonlinear Regression: Progress and Challenges," Dept of Statistics, University of Toronto, January, 2007. [More information].

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Theses Supervised

Variance Analysis for Nonlinear Systems, 2007.  (In Progress)

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